Heritage Commercial Insurance

Historic buildings of heritage are important reminders of our culture and history. Looking after and protecting them for the future generations to experience is an important responsibility.
J & V Risk Solutions Ltd help ensure that our listed and historic buildings are adequately protected and safeguarded with specialist support, risk management and insurance solutions

The nature and control of risks can have a significant effect upon insurers' willingness to accept risks and can also control the level of premiums. The type of risks have changed over the years with some increases which have in part been countered by the introduction of preventative systems including methods of detection of fire or intruders in particular. Control of risks or Risk Management is becoming increasingly important, particularly to historic buildings where organisations such as the National Trust and the Historic Royal Palaces Agency have introduced strict controls to reduce the danger of fire, theft and damage including detailed salvage plans. Such plans indicate to insurers that positive steps are being introduced to reduce and control extent of risks.

J & V Risk Solutions Ltd takes the time to ensure that all eventualities are considered and taken into account in your insurance cover, giving you peace of mind.

Insurance for Historic buildings, cultural landmarks and more

J & V Risk Solutions Ltd insurance brokers Carlisle, understand the needs of a custodian of a heritage building, listed building or world heritage site. Whether your heritage building is a castle, stately home, iconic building or an old English country pub, if it meets the criteria of being a heritage building, we can arrange a bespoke insurance solution for you.

Listed Building

listed building

Listed Building Insurance?

What is a listed property?

There are more than 350,000 listed buildings of special architectural or historic interest in the UK, most of which are at least 30 years old. The list includes almost all buildings built before 1700, as well as many of those built between 1700 and 1840.

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Listed Buildings

Insurance Explained

Older properties both listed and non-listed tend to fall into this category because they were built using techniques and materials that are not easily available today and would therefore cost more to repair or rebuild. They may also have problems with damp or decay that you wouldn't find in most modern buildings.

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Insurance points to note

Potential difficulties

Having to rebuild an old property can produce unexpected difficulties. This makes it very important to have sufficient insurance cover to deal with any related costs. Without this you could end up having to cover any shortfall.


J & V Risk Solutions Ltd have many different categories of insurance available to people involved in the Heritage and listed buildings. Whatever your needs we can put together a bespoke package that serves your requirements.