Commercial Fleet Insurance

If your business runs a number of vehicles then the best way to insure them is via a motor fleet policy. This will help you manage your vehicles more simply and most likely help you to reduce costs.

The types of vehicles we can arrange insurance programmes for ranges vastly from private cars and vans to farm vehicles, trucks, construction vehicles, haulage vehicles, taxis, buses and coaches.

With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, we cater for the risks which you as a fleet operator may face and the insurance cover we arrange will give your business protection and control over your fleet of vehicles.

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Why Fleet Insurance?

It's very important if you are a fleet owner or manager to keep a close eye on motor costs. You might need commercial fleet insurance for business cars, vans, HGVs or a mixed fleet. Your cover needs to be cost-effective and comprehensive, with an effective team to handle claims efficiently and without fuss.

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Types of commercial fleet Insurance

As with car insurance, there are different levels of commercial fleet insurance cover available. You could choose minimal insurance cover or opt for fully comprehensive cover. We will guide you as to the most suitable insurance cover for your circumstances.

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insurance optional extras

Whichever range of insurance cover you choose you may find that there is a range of optional extras available to your commercial fleet insurance policy. You may require vehicle tracking, glass cover or breakdown cover. Many of our policies have these extras available to you.