Charity & Not For Profit Insurance

Growth in the Charity & Voluntary Organisation sector has steadily increased, bringing with it a whole new set of liabilities. With an increase in legislation around charities, it is vital that you work with an expert who understands how charities operate and the risks you face and can provide you with the right kind of advice.

Your Liabilities

As well as protecting your personnel, physical and financial assets, of particular importance is the more complex liability exposure you face as an organisation, an area which often gets overlooked.

Peace of Mind

This often leads to some of the most damaging losses and often a charity finds out at the claims stage that there is a gap in cover or that your insurance policy wording is not as inclusive as you thought.

J & V Risk Solutions Ltd takes the time to ensure that all eventualities are considered and taken into account in your insurance cover, giving you peace of mind.

Not for profit insurance

J & V Risk Solutions Ltd are committed to helping you reduce your insurance costs and their associated risks.

Not For Profit

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Bredth & Depth of Service

Our comprehensive service covers welfare establishments, education sectors, museums, the arts through to village halls.

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Comprehensive Understanding

We have insurance products that have been developed in cooperation with specialist insurers, allowing us to provide some of the widest insurance cover available for not for profit organizations.

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quality & care

We provide our clients with a quality service from people who are experts with the ability to provide risk management and insurance for all not for profit and charity organisations regardless of their size.


J & V Risk Solutions Ltd insurance brokers in Carlisle, have many different categories of insurance available to people involved in the Charity & Not For Profit industries. Whatever your needs we can put together a bespoke package that serves your requirements.